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Sunset Team

HealthLens is a non-profit social-enterprise, dedicated to advancing the vitality of independent practice and preserving the narrative art of medicine. Our underlying goal is to equip independent physicians with the tools and resources necessary to stay ahead of the curve; helping to transform their businesses, reinvent the way in which they practice medicine, and leverage data toward better patient outcomes. read more

EHR Platform


Electronic Health Records (EHR) is a growing necessity in healthcare, however, innovation does not come out of the box. Our technology platform equips independent providers with a dynamic array of tools that compliment and extend the capabilities of EHR, and transform the nature of practice. We tie the EHR ecosystem together with a 24x7 unified support model, liberating practice from the ball and chain of disjointed IT.  learn more

Integrated Services


This turbulent climate of healthcare reform has brought an onslaught of technology, compliance, regulation, measurement, and consumer demand to the doorstep of private practice. From rapid-cycle process improvement to billing optimization, our integrated services aim to re-imagine the mechanics of physician-owned practice, and leverage EHR as the fulcrum for continuous improvement.  learn more

Our aim is to help independent physicians maximize the effectiveness of EHR, build capacity for change, and bolster a culture of innovation and improvement throughout their organizations.

Hosting Platform
Cloud Hosting

EHR in the Cloud

Unified Support
Unified Support

One call for help

Continuous Learning
Embedded Learning

Engendering a culture of improvement

Security Simplified
Security Simplified

Unburden the hassles of compliance

Practice Improvement
Practice Optimized

Re-engineering the future


Helping practices help each other

With the current thrust to leverage primary care as the nexus for care coordination, and growing emphasis drawn to the ideals of ‘patient centeredness’, the role of the independent practitioner is perhaps more critical today than ever before.

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